August 2012 Workout ideas…

  • First off, i need a rest or deload week. Just a week of fun swimming, hiking, sleeping…
  • Use “Multiple Vector Variations” (Thomas Myers) or a variety of movement patterns coupled with a variety of tools to do this. “Circular Liquid Movement Theory” (Carlton Cullins)
  • I like the Heavy/Light/Medium days (Friday/Sunday/Tuesday) with some “roll the dice” swings, hill sprints and such on “off” days… possibly in the earlier hours on Mondays & Wednesdays.
  • Train ONE power movement at the beginning of each workout. Ex=BB High Pulls (w Thick Famers BarBell), Vertical Jumps, Med Ball Work, DB Floor Clean to Press, Snatches
  • Wear MOUTHPIECE while training. Focus on full diaphram(lung cavity to stomach) breathing.
  • Use Fat Gripz.
  • Use Olympic BB for Getups
  • 2 heavy KBs for Front Squats
  • Have qualified Manual Therapist stretch shoulder capsule after this phase is done. (Brian Martens)
  • Focus on symmetry…calves, leg biceps(ball & valslide ham curls), shoulder/traps…decrease body fat around waist.

Fridays = Strength (weighted stuff)
Tuesdays = Body Building type stuff (Gymnastic/body weight or BB/KB Complexes)
Sunday = Power, Strong Man Endurance

*Skill Practice – Rolling/Tumbling out of a Handstand

*On Work Days (M-Thur) Do Joint Work… 15-30 reps of Lockouts w SL Squats, Handstand Press, Dips

Strength Focus Days: Handstands for 10 minutes (3-5 sets of 15-20 sec holds) DL, Pullup, Judo Pushups, Dips – Pair correctives as supersets with most exercises.

Off Days: Handstands, Getups w Waiter Walk before Get-down(w Overhead Squat Corrective using tubing band through rings to be pulled by Hip Flexors on the way down, stretch thoracic and shoulder capsules) , “Roll the Dice” Snatch&Swing combos, Correctives as cooldown. Compression Work (Core & Stretch Work from “Overcoming Gravity”) at end.


Tuesday – 10 Minutes of handstands

I also experimented a little with the 5 day on/2 days off Crossfit “Theoretical” Template. Not sure i liked it. It seemed forced and completely against my current constitution.

Currently Doin…

Monday- Lower Body (3 sets of 6…35lb SL Squats, rest 2.5 minutes then 55lb SLDL, repeat…)

Tuesday – Upper Body Gymnastic Work/Body Building Weight Work

Wed – Off

Thur – Lower Body (w 50 reps of joint work at end)

Friday- Upper Body (w 50 reps of joint work at end)

Saturday – Lower Body

Sunday – Upper Body

*1 hot-mintues, 10 minute wall sits at night, standing on one leg isometrics at end of workout, 50 reps of joint work

(plie-hack squats w calf raise, elevated butt bridges, dips or plain pushups, pullaparts…use variety)

*Small Ball Incline Pushups, Ab Wheel, Bicep Pullups, BB Clean to Presses AND/OR Behind the Neck Thick-Bar Presses with narrow feet s l o w l y…(great for upper trap, core stabilization, deltoid isolations) , Tubing Curl>Dips w no rest for pump, Calf Raises, Maybe even some delt iso work for old time sake.

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