July 2012 ideas for hypertrophy/strength plan

  • Been reading Arthur Saxon, George Hackenschmidt, The Mighty Atom Yoselle Joseph Greenstein, Dan John/Pavel Book, Ross Enamait, Jason Ferrugia. Friday workouts in Lockhart (7:30am ish -9am), History Study Work at UT Stark Center.
  • 3 days a week. Wed/Fri/Sun. TUE or WED=Strength Endurance/Strongman Work/Repeated Effort(include Heavy 1 arm swings). FRI=Maximal Effort(Slow Grinds). SUN=Speed Strength(Quick lifts, etc). Focus on FULL DIAPHRAM Breathing(use mom’s spirometer)!
  • 10 total GETUPS each at beginning of each “major” workout day. Ramp up as needed. Focus on good strong contact with the ground and stability of body.
  • Try to limit or focus on ONE heavy lift per workout. Keep the rest in the Medium-Lighter ranges.
  • KB Swings most every day. Roll the dice. Use as Finishers on Strength days
  • 10 reps total per workout for Major lifts. 15-25 on others. 50 and above on Swings, etc.
  • Wednesdays = Calf raises. All non strength days do Light Hack Squats.
  • NEW ideas for 3 Days a week (June 29 2012). Rotate movement patterns each week. DL/Horizontal Pull/Vertical Push…Squat/Verical Pull/Horizontal Push. Getups every day. Swings once a week. Carries once a week. Power Work once a week. FRIDAY (Heavy Days)- 45,55,70 (2-4 rounds of 70…88lb if i feel strong) Getups, Trap Bar DL’s with Fat Gripz (Drop bar fast on eccentrics), DB Rows>BB Hang Clean to Press or HandStand Pushup Negatives(no grip presses to save on grip-press next time)*45-55LB KB 1-arm swings as a “roll the dice” finisher.  SUNDAY (Lighter Days…may also be “power” days for lighter weights) 35,45,55lb (one round of 55lb) Getups, SL SQUAT(w Jumps on first few)>Handstand Iso-Holds, Pullups>DIPS>Calf Raises.KB Hack Squats. TUESDAY (Medium Days) 45,55,70lb (one round of 70lb) GETUPS, DB Clean to Press, SL DL, Ring Pull to Static “Row” hold-tuck. *Calves, Swings, Carries, Isometrics, Snatch, Hill Sprints, Plyos. on Workout days. Save days off for recovery (trampoline, light swings, etc) STAY FRESH my dear boy. If any such movement occurs less than the one before, terminate set immediately.
  • Off days=Summer Fun. Canoe, Trampoline, Swim, Bike outside. ADD ONS=Calf raises, Core Work, Grip Work
  • Limit eating out to 2 times a week. Eat more veggies each day. More high quality protein. Focus on getting vitamins & minerals though food! warm water with meals, not cold. Fast a bit when i feel stuffed.
  • Exercises – Heavy Getups (88lb or heavier). Trap Bar DL, Heavy 1-arm KB Swings on “Strongman Endurance Days”, Weighted Pullups, Weighted Dips, Heavy Bench or SA/SL negative Pushups/holds (don’t focus on Chest but maintain strength with intermittent reps here and there. i don’t want man boobs like most dudes. lol) Single Leg Squats. Hack Squats. (Focus more on legs). Step ups/Squats (KB or DB). BB Clean to Press. Dan John’s 2-arm KB Clean to Squat to Press. Heavy BB overhead presses or push presses (Hypertrophy Shoulder work). Bottoms up clean to press. Saxon Side Press. Saxon SA DB Ground Clean and Jerk.  Saxon SA DB Swing or Snatch, Tire Pulls & Pushes/Drags, Heavy Farmers Carries, Med Ball Interval Work (Throws and retrieve), Plyo-Jumps. “Head Bridges with Press” (Hackenschmidt), Ross Enamait Isometricz

*Add on gymnastic double and single leg DECK SQUATS (progress to jumps, jumps to box, long jumps, long jumps to box)

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