June 2012 Strength-Hypertrophy. Skill=Bent Press

Sunday:4-5 reps x Near Burnout. Fat Grpz DL/BW Pullups/Dive Bomb Judo Pushups. Near end, SA/SL Isometric Pushup Holds at top & bottom positions. Farmers Carries. Pracitce Sandow’s (Ross Enamait’s Favorite for Total Body Strength) Heavy Dumbell “Ground to Sky” Press…aka DB Clean to Press (1 x “circa”80lb for each side. 6-10 Total Reps Max! Use hand on opposite knee for leverage.)
Saturday: Climb Tree Ropes/Trampoline Fun Jump Conditioning
Warmup = Steve Maxwell Shake&Loosen up/Steve Cotter Chest hits rotation
Light Jump Rope
Practice Light easy leg kicks on punching bag
Knees on Stability ball with various arm movements.
Focus on core. Long-arm Opp ArmLeg Planks. Power Snatch. Light. Fast. Enurance.
Long Jumps or Vertical Jumps. Explosive.
Finisher: Bag punches w Gloves

Monday(6/4/12): Work is Busy today. Rest, Recover for Regeneration. Foam Roll, Relax into Stretch, Self Massage. Lots of water. Read and don’t move anymore than is necessary. “If you don’t have to stand, sit. If you don’t have to sit, lie down.”

Sunday S&C Workout:
(Warmup=Weed Eating/Grass Blowing)
35/55/70lb getups(6-10 total).
70lb Reverse BB Curl/55lb KB Weighted Dips(3×6).
Cinderblock Weighted 10lb Calf Raises 3×20 (focus on feet/ankles tracking straight!)
/55lb KB Getup Crunch Punches(3×5 each side).
5 min – 70lb KB Swings(AMAP).

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